She is a teacher for this Aquarian Age. She brings wisdom and deep grace and modern thinking in a way that truly transforms.

— Carrie-Anne Moss


Paramatma Siri Sadhana is the founder and director of the Surat Shabad Sound School and The Invincible Hall in New York City and Amritsar, India. A direct student of Yogi Bhajan, the Mahan Tantric and Guru Dev Singh, the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, her visionary work is leading a revolution in sound, meditation  and consciousness in New York City and beyond ~ influencing meditative perspectives, teaching pedagogies and strategies, Aquarian perceptions, practices and the emergent lexicons of Aquarian consciousness.  

The Surat Shabad School began as a weekly salon while Paramatma Siri Sadhana was a lead teacher at Golden Bridge Yoga, NYC.  Responding to requests from students, teacher trainees and certified teachers alike, she began to focus on the Women's Teachings, Leadership Teachings and Soundcurrent Teachings, leading more durational and in-depth studies, japa practices and investigative scholarship into the depths of the Kundalini Archives with the intention of awakening each student to the expression of their own Aquarian Destiny. 

In March 2013, guided by a vision and hukam received in White Tantric meditation she originated the Mothership Gong, which consists of All Night Symphonic Gong and concurrent Sat Nam Rasayan practice, and has continued to create regular overnight durational practices, sonic installations and events in accordance with the lunar calendar as "Interstellar Intervibratory Illuminations." 

Paramatma Siri Sadhana is also a musician, vocalist, filmmaker and honors graduate of Georgetown University. For the past three years she has led a virtual immersion ~ Invincible Hymns, based in an artist residency and research in Amritsar India.  Her most recent work is on the 11 Moon Centers and the creation of a  Space Weather Service, which gives daily transmissions illuminating the celestial weather and most optimal Kundalini practices from the Sat Nam Rasayan space.

You can find her current course curricula and offerings at and her music at and




“Entering the sound school with Paramatma has been life changing for me. She is a techer for this Aquarian Age. She brings wisdom and deep grace and modern thinking in a way that truly transforms. I am so grateful. If you have the opportunity I urge you to study with her. You will be supported and met with so much.”


“Now if that’s not a healing, I don’t know what is.”


“Paramatma’s Sat Nam Rasayan sessions blew me away. She articulated and realigned the most intricate and subtle aspects of my soul. I have been studying and practicing daily Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years, and she is the most extraordinary healer I have encountered in this lineage. Her understated vibe and humility belie the profound depth and transformational power of her sessions. With her support, I am finally living in the flow and full expression of my destiny. The challenges I was facing in my life seemed insurmountable, but she helped me find the way through them with grace and strength. Not only are her sessions a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you lived many lifetimes more you would continue to reap the benefits of her work. I am so extremely grateful and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“Do not hesitate to receive Sat Nam Rasayan from Paramatma, these sessions will radically change your worldview.”


“I am extremely grateful to have met Paramatma when I did, and for everything she has shown and taught me already. So many things have been unveiled during our sessions and had I not had her guidance a looming transition in my career could have turned into a much less pleasant experience and shock, as complete change was predicted, just a few months before my old reality started to fall apart. She not only helped me to see the bigger picture, she also helped me rid myself of any unwanted stuck energies that kept the change from happening. Every time she helps me release something, it is complete, there are no residues, no matter how much resistance existed before. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to break through perceived boundaries and find a deeper connection to higher consciousness, and an understanding of the bigger cycles that are at work. ”


“I became attuned to what sound vibrations are moving through my body, mind and soul on any given day, at any given moment. I awoke to my body, and my body awoke to me. I felt energy in my hands in a way that I had never felt before, as they touched the world in new ways, without needing to physically come in contact with the objects or people around there. There was an ecstasy of awareness that flooded my system, almost teetering on abandon, that I embraced, and felt fully, for the first time, a sense of truly being alive. With love and endless gratitude.”


“Paramatma is a subtle and rare teacher. She cultivates a powerful space for deep experiential knowledge and transformation. From Sound School, I have a greater depth of perception, more awareness of self and a new relationship to sound.Paramatma also has a gift for finding the most magical spaces and events in and around the city. Bonus is the beautiful community of classmates - extraordinary people I’m grateful to have connected with.”


“If you thought you had an artist’s intuition before, you will find that after Sound School you suddenly have your finger on the pulse of the world in ways you never dreamed possible.”


“Thank you for an incredible session. I feel like an entirely different woman.”


“The Mandalas are AMAZING. I imagine them to be a Cosmic Orchestration of energies in which Paramatma is the conductor. As a recipient of her Mandala creations, I experience deep healing; an open sensory system (feeling body); more grace and less mind goo. It’s as if my entire Mind, Body & Soul is “Spring Cleaned”. As a result of the Mandalas, I’ve been more courageous in pursuing my life visions; surrendering to the present moment; and more generous in my heart.”


“To receive a healing from Paramatma Siri Sadhana is to know and feel and see the vision of our true self that we can often only glimpse from time to time in our day, in our lives. Experiencing a healing with her, whether it be in an individual Sat Nam Rasayan session or in the Mandalas, reminds me of how I aspire to move through this world—with fearlessness, faith, and joy. My habitual patterns of worry and fear and doubt, patterns that are stored in my physical and energetic body, are seen, named, transformed, and then released as she conducts the session. I leave her sessions with a feeling of being back home to myself, full of gratitude and wonder again at the life I am blessed to live”


“I am compelled to share my brief yet graced experiences with Paramatma Siri Sadhana and the teachings that came out of her offerings with Surat Shabad School ~ After what felt like a period of longing for tools, teachings, and techniques that would satisfy a hungering for mental clarity regarding a range of perpetual questions in my daily thought stream... I came to find this series of shared knowledge with this supportive and rare class of individuals. By taking part in a series of given sessions and morning practices, I began to have a series of elevating and supportive experiences that delivered a very practical web of inspirations, realizations and activations. Dots were connected and while, naturally, I am keeping up with the work I am called to do, these Sadhanas and sessions uncovered a new layer of possibility, fist hand experiences of self belief, a discovery of this space within my mind where the questions and doubt are significantly reduced and what remains is a more positive platform from which to launch my energies, desires, dharmic work. The only way I can find to explain my experiences would be to say that these Sound Currents that were studied within the context of SSS gave back based on the level of devotion, commitment, intention that I put in. One develops an intertwined relationship with these teachings and I am ever so grateful for having the opportunity immerse myself in them.”


“Sound School ~ true integration of art, architecture, sound, physics, poetry, kundalini yoga, meditation and accessing the synergistic deep currents running through all... this is the future and bliss of what education with cosmic dimensions can be, transcending learning information to having an resonant mind/body/soul experience. Sound School has opened me to the deepest listening to not only my musical ear but my inner ear. Thank you for this beautiful school & cannot wait for the next session!”


“I learned about myself by writing, listening, meditating and sharing with the close group that you created. The biggest discovery for me during our time together was really stopping to take the time to listen to everything around me. With that came balance and I was better able to embrace all sides of who I am. I became braver and felt full of love and gratitude. I found more patience in others and more peace within myself. The added strength I have gained has helped me to lead my own path and explore what my true destiny is. I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, grace and love. It will always stay with me and I will continue to share what I have learned and how amazing the experience is with with others. Thank you so very much! I look forward to coming back to class :)”