JUNE 17, 2019 - JULY 26, 2019

FIERCE TOOTH: The Art, Science and Technology of Receptive and Projective Feminine Power, a 40 Day Women’s Summer Collective Practice designed to take us through the sacred spaces of the Summer Solstice and Summer Eclipse Season. This immersion is a very sophisticated, subtle and potent progression intentionally designed for women leaders who are interested in and committed to increasing the quality, scope and impact of their conscious experience. I encourage and invite you to join us for this most powerful journey ~ a preparation for what is arising in our personal and collective existence ~ the deepening, strengthening and refinement of the feminine in relation to the current cosmic and planetary intensifications.

FIERCE TOOTH is requesting practitioners to go deeply into a sacred inner space where we can receive teachings on the divine feminine and the wisdom of the internal emotional self-sensory spectrum. We are committed to the embodiment and manifestation of our deepest celestial destiny through unique and sovereign creative forms and systems that serve the elevation of the entire culture, consciousness and planet. We will practice, grow, deepen, clarify and evolve together.

For the 40 Days of FIERCE TOOTH we will be exploring the resonant relay of feminine leadership energies through sound, light, space and music ~ opening the radiant spectrum of luminous awareness and inherent intelligences naturally residing within us. As with all of my teachings, the group container will be held within the vibratory power of Sat Nam Rasayan space. We will begin with preliminary practices to create fluency and receptivity within the self-realizing, solution transmitting feminine essence and traverse the amplified continuum of receptive and projective feminine impact and excellence.

$555 Tuition Includes:

• Optimal Kriyas, Meditations, Soundcurrents, Writing Practices for the Summer 2019 Energies

• Access to the FIERCE TOOTH Teachings Platform

• Continued Audio Recordings and Assignments as the course progresses

• Group Sat Nam Rasayan Session

• Cultivation of Excellence within the Receptive Feminine Soundstream

• Work on a Substantial Personal Creative Project

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190.00 every month for 3 months
100.00 every month for 6 months


The fully actualized and embodied work that Paramatma Siri Sadhana offers in her online immersions will change you on the deepest levels possible. The multifaceted and experiential ways her curriculum is organized, presented, and expected to be worked on, is intentionally done to elicit the highest levels of self-healing, self-realization, and self-empowerment possible. Since working with her, how I relate to myself and others has completely changed, I’ve seen the depth of my practice widened beyond what I thought was physically and mentally possible, and my capacity to create, share, and give has increased exponentially. As indicated by the intense times happening in and around the world right now, the urgency to do the deep work that FIERCE TOOTH intrinsically holds and offers women, leaders, and practitioners is needed now more than ever before. Do not miss out on this life-changing journey of deep healing, self-discovery, and acknowledgment and self-acceptance of your personal power. Sign-up today!!
— Radhajeet Kaur, Los Angeles 
I am a working professional living in NYC for the past 10 years. I always had dreams and for the early portion of my adult-hood these dreams were merely just hopes. My thoughts were ‘I hope this happens’. I wasn’t sure where true love, satisfaction, creative force existed. I was living my life with a feeling of wonder and longing for access to connection. Inner Love. Inner Peace. I came into Paramatma Siri Sadhana’s coursework several years ago - I felt called to them. The way in which she presented the knowledge and wisdom of these universal teachings just lifted me up. I began to listen, and I trained with her for several immersions - continuously giving myself to what was inside of what I felt she was so skillfully and exquisitely presenting. What I came away with would change my perception, sensitivity and direct me towards cultivating my own compass for living in a substantially more fulfilling, sustainable, joyful, loving way and set me up for a path of love and service. My seeking stopped. My actions rooted in self-love, love for my own divine feminine caliber unfold and continue to. I would like all women whoever you are to hear this: What one has the opportunity to enter with these teachings and with this teacher only comes around once in a lifetime. Training with Paramatma is a treasure and real gift. She teaches you how to truly become your own best teacher, how to meet with your Excellence in a way no other self-development tool in my experience could ever do. You are really given the opportunity to evolve and grow to access your highest wisdom - something very few teachers know how to deliver. My advice to anyone feeling sparked by these offerings is this: Don’t wait, enter, commit, explore and and uncover the gifts you have to enjoy and share and give for a lifetime.
— Rachel Edrington/Jan Raj Kaur, New York City
I cannot wait for this new immersion FIERCE TOOTH to begin tomorrow. It’s truly an honor and privilege to study with Paramatma Siri Sadhana. She is the embodiment of love and compassion - a humble, graceful, creative, powerful, wise and radiant woman, artist, teacher, artist and healer. She inspires and empowers all her students to follow their own dreams and visions. Through the chosen practices and her guidance, you will deepen your practice, elevate your spirit and gracefully step into your own light, radiance and fierce strength.
— Monja Mani, Berlin