Sat Nam Rasayan is the Healing Art and Technology within Kundalini Yoga. It is a most precise, deep and sophisticated healing modality and has been called the most elegant of healing methods.  Just like kundalini is a supernova yoga, SNR is a comprehensive accelerated healing. 


I have been studying for over 20 years, since I was a girl, with both living masters ~ The Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan Singh and now Sant Guru Dev Singh. The process of learning Sat Nam Rasayan is through a long term study of deep meditative spaces. Via this discipline, cultivation and refinement, the practitioner will develop a stable and coherent projective meditative space which can ascertain and then allow the release of tendencies in the client which are holding limitations in the perception, health, relationships, creativity, finances ~ all aspects of the human life. 

Sat Nam Rasayan applies this projective meditative mind to create space and conditions for deep and lasting healing to occur. I truly believe that Sat Nam Rasayan is the most sophisticated and effective healing modality of our time. In a session, clients can expect to experience a sense of deep relaxation, and observe their own field as detracting, distracting and disabling tendencies dissolve.  A distance session is equally effective, working through the transcendent quantum sensitive field where everything we can perceive is not limited by time or space.


Paramatma Siri Sadhana is a world renowned healer. Formally trained under the guidance of the Siri Singh Sahib and Guru Dev Singh, the living master of  Sat Nam Rasayan. Paramatma's healings are thorough, relevant and precise and will catapult you into higher octaves of your manifest destiny.


My Healing Studio for Fall 2018 will be in Bridgehampton, NY.

 I am available for both in-person and distance healing sessions. 

The books are now open for November 1-15. 

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“Now if that’s not a healing, I don’t know what is.”


“Paramatma’s Sat Nam Rasayan sessions blew me away. She articulated and realigned the most intricate and subtle aspects of my soul. I have been studying and practicing daily Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years, and she is the most extraordinary healer I have encountered in this lineage. Her understated vibe and humility belie the profound depth and transformational power of her sessions. With her support, I am finally living in the flow and full expression of my destiny. The challenges I was facing in my life seemed insurmountable, but she helped me find the way through them with grace and strength. Not only are her sessions a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you lived many lifetimes more you would continue to reap the benefits of her work. I am so extremely grateful and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“Do not hesitate to receive Sat Nam Rasayan from Paramatma, these sessions will radically change your worldview.”


“I am extremely grateful to have met Paramatma when I did, and for everything she has shown and taught me already. So many things have been unveiled during our sessions and had I not had her guidance a looming transition in my career could have turned into a much less pleasant experience and shock, as complete change was predicted, just a few months before my old reality started to fall apart. She not only helped me to see the bigger picture, she also helped me rid myself of any unwanted stuck energies that kept the change from happening. Every time she helps me release something, it is complete, there are no residues, no matter how much resistance existed before. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to break through perceived boundaries and find a deeper connection to higher consciousness, and an understanding of the bigger cycles that are at work. ”


“Thank you for an incredible session. I feel like an entirely different woman.”


“To receive a healing from Paramatma Siri Sadhana is to know and feel and see the vision of our true self that we can often only glimpse from time to time in our day, in our lives. Experiencing a healing with her, whether it be in an individual Sat Nam Rasayan session or in the Mandalas, reminds me of how I aspire to move through this world—with fearlessness, faith, and joy. My habitual patterns of worry and fear and doubt, patterns that are stored in my physical and energetic body, are seen, named, transformed, and then released as she conducts the session. I leave her sessions with a feeling of being back home to myself, full of gratitude and wonder again at the life I am blessed to live”