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September 2019

The Lunar Centers are 11 moon chakras present in every woman's physical anatomy. Each woman has a personal constellation of order and organization - the specific pathways of how the pranic, psychic and kundalini energies move through these centers. The Moon Centers shift every 2.5 days and are the inherent organic design that make us as women incredibly and sometimes overwhelmingly multidimensional, multifaceted, intuitive, creative and powerful. 


The Moon Centers are extremely sublime kundalini yoga and meditation teachings for all women to learn, experience and cultivate as a regular practice. This comprehensive Intensive is designed as a complete cycle of teachings. We will practice Kundalini Kriyas, Meditations and Soundcurrents. We will dive into exploratory writing & our own personal experience through investigation and exploration of the teachings.

The teachings on the Moon Centers are an extremely elegant, efficient and potent gateway into THE WOMEN'S TEACHINGS OF KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION. Through the wisdom and embodiment of her own Moon Centers, a woman can access her deepest intelligence, sensitivity and power. Moon Centers are the structure through which we process our unique emotional design. These are State of the Art teachings for all women to experience and cultivate as a regular practice.

Paramatma Siri Sadhana's teachings on the Moon Centers ~

Through decades of personal study and teaching many diverse groups of women, I have found that the Moon Centers are each woman's unique subtle body architecture and her concordant emotional energetics.  Every woman has a signature and sovereign constellatory pattern and geometric design of these 11 centers, the subtle body chakras which must be mastered to deliver our full impact and artistry as women, lovers, mothers, creators, teachers and leaders in the Aquarian Age.