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Sat Nam Rasayan Mandalas are offered in accordance with the New and Full Moon Cycles and are a distinctive remote healing modality. Mandala means “perfect circle” and is a technique working with the technology of sacred geometry to join us in group consciousness, connect into deep cosmic support and expanding awareness of our energetic template ~ how we are receiving, vibrating and emanating into the collective group dimension on planet earth at this time.  Sat Nam Rasayan is extremely effective in removing deeply held and chronic emotional and karmic issues.

Within this resonance based technology, we can experience the spacious sense of subconscious clearing, expanded multidimensional awareness, clarity and luminosity. These Mandalas have consistently been amazingly gorgeous, synchronistic and powerful and are a tremendous and beautifully orchestrated gift to facilitate and to receive during this time of rapid change and acceleration.

Each mandala is a remote Sat Nam Rasayan healing session conducted by Paramatma. Participants can experience the mandalas anywhere, though preferably in a receptive space and state, and they generally run 1.5-2 hours.

After registering, participants download a PDF with deeper insights into the current astrological atmosphere as well as specifically designed writing prompts intended to clarify exactly what you are releasing, tuning in to, shifting, and moving towards. We hope you will join us for this upcoming container of SNR Mandalas and benefit from their profound healing and creative alignment.

* Writing prompts are to be completed and sent to Paramatma prior to each mandala


What are the mandalas?

Sat Nam Rasayan Mandalas are a wonderful way to receive Sat Nam Rasayan, the two sessions back to back in concordance with each lunar cycle are a powerful way to open up to increased sensitivity, intuition, clarity, insight, alignment and expansion.  The Mandalas are ongoing group distance healing Sessions created and held in accordance with the Lunar Calendar. They are a source of profound healing and deep creative alignment as well as an opportunity to develop fluency and richness within your own self-sensory field. 

The Mandalas run 90 minutes, sometimes up to 2 hours and you can receive the healing from anywhere, in a receptive state is ideal. Each session is conducted in silence and you will receive notes following the completion of both sessions. As Yogi Bhajan says, we must now in the Aquarian Age take ownership of our destinies with great perfection. The intention of the Mandalas is to deliver you home to the full flow, power, beauty and expression of your highest excellence. 

The Mandalas are spaces of deep release, creative amplification and have been supporting incredible shifts in consciousness and positive momentum as we continue to navigate the earth changes and transformations in the collective consciousness as embodied cosmic beings in the Age of Aquarius.

With all love, 

Paramatma Siri Sadhana


Now if that’s not a healing, I don’t know what is.

— NYC based novelist

Paramatma’s Sat Nam Rasayan sessions blew me away. She articulated and realigned the most intricate and subtle aspects of my soul. I have been studying and practicing daily Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years, and she is the most extraordinary healer I have encountered in this lineage. Her understated vibe and humility belie the profound depth and transformational power of her sessions. With her support, I am finally living in the flow and full expression of my destiny. The challenges I was facing in my life seemed insurmountable, but she helped me find the way through them with grace and strength. Not only are her sessions a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you lived many lifetimes more you would continue to reap the benefits of her work. I am so extremely grateful and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

— K. Singh

Do not hesitate to receive Sat Nam Rasayan from Paramatma, these sessions will radically change your worldview.

— NYC/LA based filmmaker

I am extremely grateful to have met Paramatma when I did, and for everything she has shown and taught me already. So many things have been unveiled during our sessions and had I not had her guidance a looming transition in my career could have turned into a much less pleasant experience and shock, as complete change was predicted, just a few months before my old reality started to fall apart. She not only helped me to see the bigger picture, she also helped me rid myself of any unwanted stuck energies that kept the change from happening. Every time she helps me release something, it is complete, there are no residues, no matter how much resistance existed before. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to break through perceived boundaries and find a deeper connection to higher consciousness, and an understanding of the bigger cycles that are at work.

— Gian Kamal

Thank you for an incredible session. I feel like an entirely different woman.

— CT based mother, educator and artist

To receive a healing from Paramatma Siri Sadhana is to know and feel and see the vision of our true self that we can often only glimpse from time to time in our day, in our lives. Experiencing a healing with her, whether it be in an individual Sat Nam Rasayan session or in the Mandalas, reminds me of how I aspire to move through this world—with fearlessness, faith, and joy. My habitual patterns of worry and fear and doubt, patterns that are stored in my physical and energetic body, are seen, named, transformed, and then released as she conducts the session. I leave her sessions with a feeling of being back home to myself, full of gratitude and wonder again at the life I am blessed to live.

— Jenny Terbell

The Mandalas are AMAZING. I imagine them to be a Cosmic Orchestration of energies in which Paramatma is the conductor. As a recipient of her Mandala creations, I experience deep healing; an open sensory system (feeling body); more grace and less mind goo. It’s as if my entire Mind, Body & Soul is “Spring Cleaned”. As a result of the Mandalas, I’ve been more courageous in pursuing my life visions; surrendering to the present moment; and more generous in my heart.

— Jamie Okubo