January 30 Releasing Mandala 10pm est

January 31 Illumination and Amplification Mandala 10pm est

Join us for the Full Lunation and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. A most unique and powerful celestial configuration that will allow you to manifest your full Self Majesty and Leadership for an already exciting year to come.

The Mandalas are 90 minute Group Distance  Healing Sessions, created for every Full and New Moon of the year, as well as for the most novel numerological and celestial transits. They support healing and increase fluency within your own sublte self-sensory system.

The Mandalas are two-part Remote Healing Ceremonies based on deep release, and creative amplification and have been supporting incredible miracles in consciousness and positive momentum for over 8 years as we continue to navigate the earth changes and transformations in the collective consciousness as embodied cosmic beings in the Age of Aquarius.

There is always a Releasing Mandala followed by an Amplification Mandala and you can participate at any capacity you choose. 

If you are Kundalini Yoga and Meditation student or a healer in any modality, these Mandalas will support and expansive space of wonder and transformation that can be elegantly integrated, accessed and embodied after the session, aligned with your unique particular participation. 

Personal Investment:

- Releasing Mandala: $120 USD

- Amplification Mandala: $120 USD

- Both Mandalas: $200 USD