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Yoga of the Inner Thunder
The Subtle Sovereign Science of the Celestial Sound Current ~

In which the sacred teachings, technologies and transmissions of the quantum technology of the Shabad Guru, as extensively trained and directly taught by both Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh are held and revered with integrity in their purest form. The practices are designed to catalyze our unique sovereign creativity and align us with our destiny, supporting us to integrate the teachings into our lives through practical methods that both radically and subtly restructure the ways we create and participate in our own spirituality.

For certified Kundalini teachers and dedicated practitioners alike desiring to go deeper into the Kundalini Teachings.

As the new multidimensional morphogenic and holographic fields become our status quo, these deep trainings, immersions and practica focus on birthing the next realms and iterations of our Aquarian Destinies, providing instruction and support for committed practitioners and Kundalini teachers to bring their practices to new levels of understanding, depth, and refinement in an intimate, personalized setting. 

The practicum is a deep experiential application of the neurological, perceptual, emotional, psychological, conceptual, heart-centered and visceral practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation ~ expect very real and profound movements and changes to be initiated in your life, with new awareness, support and wisdom opening organically from your highest self.   We are going to immerse deeply and personally into the subtle sacred sound current, through many means and methods, personal and group practices. This school holds the teachings and the lineage of the Shabad Guru in purest form and this summer we will be working specifically with Guru Gobind Singh's warriorship practices as well as with mastering the word and mastering the elements. The procession of the celestials are opening immense portals of light and I am honored to create this space of offering to heal, transform and elevate from the molecular level, inside out, with the continuous energy and presence of the group container into the sovereign and loving cosmic sonic galactic light bearers and warriors we came here to be! 

I will be sharing the most potent and sophisticated of the teachings I have received and practiced. Your life will truly never be the same.

If you are ready to commit to this shift in alignment, please contact me with any questions.


I started an online course with Paramatma because I live in Europe now and can't attend her classes. I love her insights especially with astrology and healing. Being in a foreign country as an artist and going through changes can be a struggle, but with this summers Venus teachings I became stronger. Her words, links to mediations for release and recovery have been magical. The emails are a daily reminder to keep up the work and stay happy.

- Kiki Lindskog

Entering the sound school with Paramatma has been life changing for me. She is a teacher for this Aquarian Age. She brings wisdom and deep grace and modern thinking in a way that truly transforms. I am so grateful. If you have the opportunity I urge you to study with her. You will be supported and met with so much.

- Carrie-Anne Moss

These are beautiful practices, so uplifting.

- Susan Cianciolo

If you thought you had an artist’s intuition before, you will find that after Sound School you suddenly have your finger on the pulse of the world in ways you never dreamed possible.

- Ana de la Portela

PSS is a real healer, she brings you to a place that when you're ready, you can teach yourself, by being receptive/open/aware, to what you need to know, learn, receive, push through, or bring into your life. The idea that you see it when you're ready or relaxed enough, she allows you find your ready point. I've never been able to stick to a 40 day meditation until I started studying with Paramatma, the presence she holds really inspires commitment.

- Loni R

I loved working with Paramatma for a 40 day online course because it gave me daily guidance and focus that was incredibly helpful and uplifting. I looked forward to reading Paramatma's sacred words each day, and found comfort in knowing I would have contact with her over 40 days in a meaningful and structured way....I became attuned to what sound vibrations are moving through my body, mind and soul on any given day, at any given moment. I awoke to my body, and my body awoke to me. I felt energy in my hands in a way that I had never felt before, as they touched the world in new ways, without needing to physically come in contact with the objects or people around there. There was an ecstasy of awareness that flooded my system, almost teetering on abandon, that I embraced, and felt fully, for the first time, a sense of truly being alive. With love and endless gratitude

- Vivian Rosenthal

How amazing you are and amazing it was… life changing…

- Amy Hosig

Paramatma Siri Sadhana's virtual offerings are totally divine and deep; they are optimizing, amplifying, inspiring, actualizing and realizing. This is an opportunity to study and practice in a completely precise, sophisticated and integrated way utilizing and leveraging all the elements and universal forces.

- Eddy Gellert

Paramatma is an absolutely brilliant integrator of the technologies of the planetary forces and human experience, and her mappings and teachings have accelerated my growth and dilated my joy indescribably. The online 40 day classes-- and I have done both so far – – have allowed me to feel so held in the cosmic web of planetary forces, and create a more and more synchronized architecture of my own energy and flow as it relates to the whole cosmos.

- Megan Poe

Paramatma Siri Sadhana helped me access a deeper, richer and more luscious part of me within the context of the teachings. My growth within her extraordinary container is immeasurable, but if I had to measure it would be: stronger radiant body; tapping into my divine service; and truthful support that leads to embodiment of my 'Kaur Khalsa'.

- Gian Shabad Kaur, Jamie Okubo