September 22 - October 6

Yatra to India's Sacred Water Sites

An inner and outer journey dedicated to the Dharmas of Women and Water with the intention of revealing sustainable solutions for collective planetary thriving. 



Each of us was brought into this world through the watery womb of our mother. We are made of water and we each contain the immense power of the ocean to create waves of peaceful revolution and change to usher in the innovations and genius electricity of the Aquarian Age. Join me for two weeks for more adventures in consciousness and sustainable social justice as we journey through the life changing sacred water sites of Northern India. Water Sadhanas, Ceremonies and Blessings to awaken visionary solutions from within. The Punjab in Northern India has been my home for much of this lifetime and I am honored to share and meditate with you at the sites, both iconic and secret which have tremendously informed my own journey.


  • 3-6am Seva and Meditation at the Golden Temple Complex

  • 6-9am Rest/Personal Time/Breakfast

  • 9am-12 Noon Intensive Kundalini Yoga, Meditation

  • 12-2 Lunch & Personal Time

  • 2-5pm Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sat Nam Rasayan

  • 5-6pm Evening Meditation at the Golden Temple

  • 6-8pm Dinner and Walk, Study Time

  • 9pm Lights Out

YATRA offering is designed for a group of 10 Aquarian Leaders.

$3600 ~  includes accommodations at each location, 2 lovingly prepared homemade meals each day, Inter-India transportation, all teachings.

Early registration through July 31 ~ $3300

A Non-Refundable Deposit of $1,000 reserves your space.


"To join the Yatra....

To walk on the feet where masters have walked, and touch the dirt.

(and feel miserable so that huge miseries can be avoided)

Ya Tra ~ When I swim through time. Yatra means that.

Yatra means "When I swim through time."

We will walk on the paths where great men have walked.

We will walk on the same dirt and same dust and touch it.

We bow at the same place where millions have bowed

So what is written on our forehead can be washed.

So we can do what we were born to do

I will take people with me, through all the glory and all of the pain."

Yogi Bhajan

A note about resilience ~ this is not a "luxury" site seeing, shopping retreat....

Challenging & will require stamina, flexibility, willingness to go with the flow should any challenges arise. Full participation and commitment is encouraged.